Authenticity. Creation. Love. Empowerment. Connection. Clarity.


nothingness is where i am right now. not knowing who i am, i am waiting for the phoenix to die and be reborn again and again and again. what a way to discover life.

what i experienced is that it is difficult to describe a being in words - here are a few about me:
my name is gabriel, i grew up in a small town next to munich, germany. i had a pretty ordinary and easy childhood - not more than the usual amount of traumas children get these days. i mean some children are still forced to go to school even though they fight against it because they don't want to go. but they must.

i studied computer science and worked as a software developer - what a boring life sitting in front of the screen all day and only using your brain. that's why i escaped a lot into the world of minecraft - at least there i could create the impossible. 

after i started my initiatory journey into adulthood, my being found itself as a creator and this is where i am for now.