Integrity. Empowerment. Creation. Love. Connection. Clarity.


There is another version of you.
A bigger, stranger, more creative, more powerful version of you.

I create spaces where your old beliefs and ways of thinking can safely crash
so that a new life more aligned with your integrity can sprout into being.

I am a Path Enlightener.
I stand in nothingness and hold up a torch to enlighten the next step.

I take a stand for men to grow up and take responsibility for creating a new connection with themselves and others.

Men are actually not the beneficiaries of Patriarchy, they are casualties of Patriarchy: Most men numb themselves instead of using (or even showing) their feelings, they are lone wolves instead of co-creators.

By being the 'masters' they are the ultimate hidden slaves.

I support men to stand up in their full power and potential and to exit Patriarchy.

I have devotion for a new way of being where initiated adult men co-create with initiated adult women.